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Item # MBS-430-W-RS, Maxa Beam Crew-Served Weapons Light (CSWL) with RS-232 Interface

A newer version of this product is available. Please see MBS-430-W4-RS for the most up-to-date model.

The Maxa Beam Crew-Served Weapons Light (CSWL) with RS-232 Interface features a field replaceable front lens and lamp assembly, as well as a built-in interface that mounts the searchlight to any M1913 Picatinny rail. With remote-controlled beam width feature, users can alter beam width between a 1° spot and 25° flood, while the non-lethal strobe sweep function can disorient and disable a target in situations where lethal force is not warranted. Weighing just 3.85 lbs, the Maxa Beam CSWL offers 3500m visible/white light and 1400m IR illumination. The built-in RS-232 Interface allows an operator to control all functions of the light from a computerized control system such as a Remote Weapons Station (RWS).


1. Remote-Controlled Beam Width: The Maxa Beam CSWL is the only available heavy weapons light with a remote-controllable beam width. The Maxa Beam CSWL's motorized zoom function allows the operator to alter the beam width between a 1° spot and a 25° flood using the MBA-8406-MMS Remote Box with Mil. Spec. Switches mounted at the rear of the weapon.

2. Non-Lethal Strobe Sweep Function: The Maxa Beam CSWL features a powerful strobe function with a pre-programmed "sweep" pattern from 8-15 Hz.  This strobe sweep effectively disorients and disables a target in situations where lethal force is not warranted. The strobe function is controlled from the rear of the weapon using a wired remote control.

3. RS-232 Control Interface: The Maxa Beam CSWL is the only crew-served weapons light with an RS-232 control interface.  An operator can control all functions of the Maxa Beam CSWL from a computer using HyperTerminal commands or Peak Beam's Graphical User Interface (GUI).

4. Range of Illumination: The Maxa Beam CSWL offers a longer range of illumination in both visible and infrared light than any other available product. The Maxa Beam CSWL has a range of 3500m when used as a visible/white light and a range of 1400m when used as an infrared illuminator with the MBA-1850 850nm filter.

5. Weight: The Maxa Beam CSWL is the lightest-weight heavy weapons light available. The Maxa Beam CSWL and integral Picatinny Rail mount weigh just 3.85 lbs.

 Specifications   Strobe Lights as Non-Lethal Devices   


12,000,000 CandlePower

Visible Range


Infrared Range

1400m w/ 850nm IR Filter (sold separately)

Strobe Function

8-15Hz Strobe Sweep

Beam Width Adjustment

1-25° Remote Motorized Control

Lamp Rating

1500 hr. MTBF
Maintenance Recommended at 1000 hrs.

(Field Replaceable)

Lens Type

Reinforced Spyder Front Lens
(Field Replaceable)

Control Type

RS-232 Computer Control
Wired Remote Control (sold separately)

Connector Type

Mil. Spec. Metal

Environmental Rating

Designed to IP67


4.0 lbs.


Maxa Beam Product Brochure
(PDF, 621KB)

Technical Specification: MBS-430-W-RS
(PDF, 134KB)

Maxa Beam Remote-Controlled Searchlights
(PDF, 1479KB)

MBS-430-W-RS Cut Sheet
(PDF, 690KB)

Operation Manual
(PDF, 2604KB)