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Item # MBPKG-F (NEW), Maxa Beam Force Protection Package


The Maxa Beam Force Protection Package is designed for maritime security aboard U.S. Navy vessels and features three LiFePO4 batteries, two AC/DC chargers, a full searchlight maintenance kit, and IR and amber filters. This system is packaged in a wheeled storage case for ease of transport.

The Maxa Beam's powerful output and user-programmable strobe enable the searchlight to perform critical roles within the non-lethal spectrum, including:

  • Long Range Detection and Identification
  • Explicit Warning and Deterrence
  • Ocular Disruption and Distraction
  • Temporary Flashblindness, Decreased Hand-Eye Coordination and Nausea

Non-Lethal effects are scalable and can be adapted to a variety of applications including shipboard protection, anti-piracy, and perimeter security.

The included MBS-410 Maxa Beam Searchlight features three beam intensity levels and a motorized beam width adjustment that allows the user to vary the beam from a 1° spot to a 40° flood with the press of a button. The system's three MBP-1308 LiFePO4 batteries each power the light for 115 minutes on regular beam level and recharge in just 110 minutes from any 12VDC or 100-240VAC source.

The Maxa Beam Searchlight is the lightest weight, most powerful, and most effective handheld light available for search and rescue, surveillance, perimeter security, and non-lethal escalation of force operations and has been battle-tested by all branches of the US Military and numerous government agencies for over twenty-seven years.

Note: On 8/8/2016 this package was updated with new LiFePO4 Battery technology. Previously, the system contained older NiCad Batteries. Please contact us with any questions about this update.

 Specifications   Package Contents   Strobe Lights as Non-Lethal Devices   




12,000,000 CandlePower

Visible Range


Strobe Function

Rate: 1-31Hz
Duty Cycle: 3-63%

(Controlled by Operator)

Beam Width Adjustment

1-40° One-Handed Motorized Control

Lamp Rating

1500 hr. MTBF
Maintenance Recommended at 1000 hrs.

Battery Runtime

115 min. (per battery, normal beam level)

Control Type


Package Shipping Weight

40 lbs.


Technical Specification: MBPKG-F (NEW)
(PDF, 1181KB)

MBPKG-F Flyer (New)
(PDF, 1201KB)

Operation Manual
(PDF, 2604KB)

Range of Illumination Presentation
(PDF, 1477KB)


Deluxe Maxa Beam Package

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