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Item # MBP-5600-M, AC/DC Searchlight Power Supply and Smart Charger for NiCad Battery

Please Note: MBP-5000 Series Chargers are for use with older NiCad Batteries only. The MBP-1207 NiCad Battery is being replaced by the MBP-1308 7.5Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery which features a longer run time, faster charge time, lighter weight, and more life cycles at a lower cost. We recommend transitioning to a new LiFePO4 Battery System rather than investing in relatively expensive charging equipment for older NiCad batteries.

100-240VAC / 11-36VDC direct drive Searchlight Power Supply and Smart Conditioning Charger for NiCad Battery #MBP-1207.  Recharge Time: 150 minutes.

This dual purpose power supply/charger can directly power a searchlight from 100-240VAC/11-36VDC and recharge a NiCad battery.  This unit features three charging functions: a 2.5 hour Quick Charge, a 24 hour Conditioning Charge (conditions and maintains NiCad pack for optimum performance and life), and an 18 hour Trickle Charge.  The conditioning charge cycle discharges the battery fully before slowly trickle-charging it which helps to ensure that the NiCad battery does not develop a memory.  The NiCad battery may be left connected to this charger for prolonged periods of time without damaging the battery.

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