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Handheld Searchlights (MBS-410 Series)

MBS-410 Series Handheld Searchlights are lightweight and portable. All searchlights include a remote port for optional remote control of all light functions.  As of 6/1/13, all MBS-410 Series Searchlights now feature spyder lenses.


Picatinny Rail-Mounted Searchlights (MBS-430-W4 Series)

MBS-430-W4 Series Rail-Mounted Searchlights mount to any Picatinny Rail and are designed for use as integrated, remote-controlled lights or crew-served weapon lights (CSWL) on heavy weapons such as the .50 caliber machine gun.


Mounted Remote-Controlled Searchlights (MBS-430-Y Series)

MBS-430-Y Series Searchlights are designed to be hard mounted and remote-controlled using either a wired remote switch or the optional RS232 computer interface.


Watertight Enclosure Searchlights (MBPKG-E Series)

MBPKG-E Series Watertight Enclosure Searchlights are designed to be hard mounted and remote-controlled via a computer or an optional wired remote control.  This searchlight series features an IP67 corrosion-resistant aluminum housing and optional internal power converters for 24V or 48V systems.