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Searchlight Control Options

All Maxa Beam Searchlights can be remotely controlled using wired remote switches.  Computer-Controlled Searchlights including the MBPKG-E Series and MBS-430-RSMY can also be controlled using an internal RS-232 serial interface and are often employed with third-party Ethernet-to-serial servers, allowing multiple searchlights to be linked together on the same network.

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MBA-8406-MMS (full)

Hand Controllers (Wired Remote Switches)

Wired Remote Controllers feature digital switches that allow the user to remotely operate the searchlight.  Choose from plastic "handle" style controllers or sealed metal control boxes.  Standard cable lengths are 6 and 25 feet.


GUI Computer Software

Maxa Beam Graphical User Interface (GUI) software allows easy computer control of any RS-232-enabled Maxa Beam Searchlight.  Installation CD includes a single light controller option and the MaxaNET controller capable of managing a series of networked searchlights.  Operator can set beam width, beam intensity level, and strobe rate with the click of a mouse.


Control Cables

Control Cables connect a Maxa Beam Searchlight to a computer or wired remote handle.  Standard lengths are 10 and 25 feet.