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Searchlight Packages

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Handheld Searchlight Packages

All handheld searchlight packages include one MBS-410 Handheld Maxa Beam Searchlight plus all equipment needed to operate the searchlight.  Choose from a variety of package configurations with different battery types, filters, and accessories.

Links to our most popular handheld searchlight kits:
MBPKG-B Basic Package - MBPKG-GO Go Kit - MBPKG-SK Starter Kit

MBPKG-D Deluxe Package - MBPKG-EOF EOF Package - MBPKG-F Force Protection Package


Remote-Controlled Searchlights

MBS-430-W Series Rail-Mounted Searchlights mount to any Picatinny Rail and are designed for use as integrated, remote-controlled lights or crew-served weapon lights (CSWL) on heavy weapons such as the .50 caliber machine gun.

MBS-430-Y Series Remote-Controlled Searchlights are designed for easy integration and can be controlled using either wired remote switches or an RS-232 serial interface.

MBPKG-E Series Computer-Controlled Watertight Enclosure Searchlights can be mounted on towers, perimeters and in marine environments.