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Searchlight Packages

All handheld searchlight packages includes one MBS-410 Handheld Maxa Beam Searchlight plus all equipment needed to operate the searchlight.  Choose from a variety of package configurations with different battery types, filters, and accessories.

Don't see a package that meets your need?  Contact us and we will work with you to configure a custom system for your application.



All Maxa Beam Searchlights feature an unparalleled 12,000,000 Peak Beam CandlePower Output and a compact, rugged design.  For portable, handheld applications, select MBS-410 Series handheld searchlights or consult the complete list of Handheld Searchlight Packages.

For mounted, remote-controlled use, choose between MBS-430-W4 Series Picatinny-rail mounted searchlights, MBS-430-Y Series fixed mount searchlights, and MBPKG-E Series computer-controlled searchlights.

MBP-1308 with Cord & Charger

Searchlight Powering Options

The Maxa Beam Searchlight can be powered from a variety of sources including lightweight rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, AC power supplies, and direct DC power.


Searchlight Control Options

All Maxa Beam Searchlights can be remotely controlled using wired remote switches.  Computer-Controlled Searchlights including the MBPKG-E Series and MBS-430-RSMY can also be controlled using an internal RS-232 serial interface and are often employed with third-party Ethernet-to-serial servers, allowing multiple searchlights to be linked together on the same network.


Searchlight Filters

We offer a full line of selective band-pass filters as well as filters that alter the beam pattern to enhance the performance of the Maxa Beam searchlight. Each filter attaches to the searchlight using a positive locking technique that requires no tools, making it easy to install or remove a filter in seconds with only a quarter turn.


Searchlight Mounts

Choose from several mounting options for theMaxa Beam Searchlight, including manual pan/tilt clamp mounts, fixed mounts, and a multi-purpose flat mounting plate.  Searchlight Mounts are compatible with all MBS-410 and MBS-430-Y Series Searchlights.


Searchlight Maintenance and Connector Kits

Maxa Beam Searchlights feature field-replaceable lamps, front lens assemblies, and connectors.  Choose from several kits that contain everything the end-user needs to maintain or repair a Maxa Beam searchlight.


Searchlight Storage Cases and Accessories

Injection molded, waterproof Maxa Beam Storage Cases are constructed of high-strength polypropylene copolyer resin and feature a gasketed, waterproof and airtight design that is resistant to corrosion and impact damage.  Cases include easy to open trigger release latches, rugged snap-down handles and an automatic pressure equalization valve.  The interior of each case is fitted with a custom foam insert and thick egg crate foam lid liner to securely hold a Maxa Beam Searchlight and accessories for safe transport and storage.